About Mlinde Game App

Approximately 25,000 adolescent girls and young women (AGYW) in Tanzania are newly infected with HIV each year. Mlinde is a mobile game application that will improve players’ knowledge of HIV/AIDS and generate data about players’ decisions that can be used to target behavior change solutions.It is a story based game, in which the main character experiences risk behaviors. Mlinde game is currently being piloted at Dodoma Municipality with the support from MCC-PEPFAR through DLIIC.

Game Features

An educative racing genre game. A Swahili language-based. A very strong community-based game.

Mobile Game

Mlinde game is available in Android Platform.

Swahili game

Mlinde game is in the Swahili language spoken over East and some parts of central Africa.

Free Game

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Play Mlinde game on a smart device.

Community Game

Mlinde game has almost 400000 vibrant community members.


Mlinde game has a story you can watch.

Our Dedicated Team

We have a team of very professional experts in various game development activities.

Leyla Liana

Project Manager

Muhidini Iroko

Graphics Designer

Essau Miforo

Community Outreach

Godbless Minja


Fred Boyo


Basilisa Mvungi

Data Analyst

Bonaventure Mpondo

Medical Doctor

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Our Community

Over 400,000 expected community members from Dodoma Municipality and nearby places. A vibrant community with discussions on topics ranging from gameplay to HIV/AIDS issues.